Events and Ministries

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Fellowship Groups

Small groups of students in faculties and residential colleges. These groups provide us with opportunities to get to know one another and to think, plan and pray about how best to share the gospel with others.

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Citywide Gathering

Once a month, we meet on a Thursday evening for our main public gathering. They will give us a clear focus on our mission through preaching, praying, singing and talking to one another. These meetings are ideal for both Christians and visitors. 7:30pm Thursdays @ Grand Ballroom 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor.

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The Breakfast Sessions

Join our student leaders once a month for breakfast, coffee and a sermon that complements the teaching at the Citywide Gatherings. 7:30am Tuesdays, once a month @ the Humanities Foyer, Sandy Bay Campus. 




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Mikey Lynch

Citywide Gathering

27th February, 20th March, 17th April, 29th May.

7:30pm @ Grand Ballroom 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Davey St..